Can't Install Waves CLA. My 1st plug in purchase

Hi everyone. I’ve just purchased my first waves plug in. I have it showing in my account and have followed the instructions to install. However when I get to this screen I can’t go any further. There is no check box to activate the plug in. I’ve looked online and I can’t seem to find this page like I have in my account. There seems to be a little circle to click to activate the plug in on pages i have seen online but when I get to my products page, it shows I have the plug in but no way to activate it? Any help would be much appreciated. Screen shot below. Thanks Julian

When you install your plugin via Waves Central it generally activates it automatically as it installs the licenses and plugins.

Its alway worthwhile checking the settings to make sure your licenses are being installed and the drive you want them to.

Hi @juliantaff,

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If you are still unable to load your new Waves plugin, please Contact Technical Support directly to save the time and trouble.

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