I can install, but not activate plugings

I just subscribed to Creative access. I was able to install it but I can’t activate any of the plugins it comes with. I can install them but that appears to do nothing. They don’t activate or show up in my DAW under the Waves VST section. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot for hours but it doesnt seem like im getting any closer.

I’ve reached out to tech support but the only solution that had was everything had to be installed on my boot drive, which it is now. I had wished to install the plugins on another drive due to space constraints.

This is the only computer that has the licenses active.

Hi Billy,

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A Tech representative will soon reach out over email for further assistance.

Do note that Waves can only be installed on the local HD of the computer, there is not option to change or move the installation path.

Licenses can be activated to a USB flash drive besides your computer, you can move licenses between devices by following these next steps.

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It’s unfortunate, but this may not be a Waves issue. Computer securities are getting tighter and tighter these days. Often exact locations of where something is installed can be one of the side-effects.

In a world where there were no hackers, of phishers or ransomeware or piraters there wouldn’t be a need for all this tight security. Unfortunately its those people who ruined it for for everyone else.