Demo waves, where are the plug in? too difficult

Hi, I have download the Waves Central V11 on my Windows 10 64 bit.
Now, I’d like try a demo of some plug in. I downloaded S1 and Cla Mixdown.
I have FL STUDIO 12.
I click on “Install and Activate” button in Waves Central, but I don’t see the 2 demo plug in. Why?
I have refresh my plug in list in FL STUDIO but nothing.
What is the right way to install a simple demo?
It’s too difficult. I write from Italy and it’s very hard find a support and to contact waves.
If I want buy one of this plug in, I think that it will hard to contact someone if I have problem.

How Can I resolve it?

Hi @blow2

Welcome to Waves Forum.

First, you’ll need to register the Demo licenses to your account, you can do so from our Demo Products page.

Second, you’ll need to install the plugin and activate it’s (demo) licenses.
Follow the instructions on our Install & activate products article.

Once the plugin is installed, and it license/ demo licenses is activated, follow the instructions in our How to Find Your Plugins in FL Studio article.

If any further assistance is needed, I suggest contacting our Tech Support team.