Can't Install Waves Central for Windows

I recently bought CLA Drums yesterday, I downloaded the Install Wave Central exe…click and it wont open…I tried downloading on an older less memory laptop and i click to install and it goes into the install process…so I know the exe works.
I’ve tried pretty much all administration settings…compatibilities…etc no dice…The PC specs aint a problem for sure…
Running out of ideas, something is preventing me to open the exe file…anyone?

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I have a similar issue on my Mac which I haven’t been able to resolve yet, but you may want to see if this support article may help you?

I decided to re-install Waves on my iMac via an offline installer when it began to take up to 20 minutes to load the plugins. The Waves Central app allowed me to download the plug ins without prompting me to log in. However, when I tried to log in to manage my licenses there was no response to my keystrokes.
I hope you have better success!