Waves Plugins not found after updating Pro Tools to 2024.3.0

I’m on Windows 10 and just updated my Pro Tools to the newest version. Now Pro Tools doesn’t detect my Waves plugins anymore. The only one it is detecting is the Waves Tune Real-Time. I guess it’s because it’s a V14 plugin. My diamond bundle and all the other Waves plugins with V12 are not usable. If I try to open them in a session, where I already inserted them like a CLA-76, PT is telling me, that the plugin could not be found in the plugins-folder. I never moved the Waves plugins folder and I don’t know how I should move them plugins so PT can detect them.
All plugins from a different manufacturer are fine and working. Help would be appreciated.

Hi @djtunerate

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Waves V12 is supported with Pro Tools 2020. If you are using the latest Pro tools 2023 that is why your V12 aren’t working as you mentioned.

Unfortunately rescanning wont help in this case as your Waves Tune which loads fine is installed in the same place as the rest of th Waves plugins but loads since it is on the supported latest V14.

Seems strange, because my Waves V12 plugins did work all the time with the 2023.12 and 2023.09 version. I tried to downgrade my 2024.03 to a 2023 version, but now against my expections the plugins won’t work again.

Edit: The downgrade to PT 2023.09 + clearing the cache in the Waves roaming folder did work out for me.

From Waves support page:

  1. Press [Win key]+R, type %appdata% and hit Enter. A window titled Roaming will show.
  2. In Roaming, go to the folder named “Waves Audio”.
  3. Delete the folders “Caches” and “Preferences”.
  4. Launch Pro Tools. If prompted to Locate the Waves plugins folder, direct to C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Plug-Ins V14, or to whichever plug-ins version is installed, V13-V9.

Glad that worked and you’re up & running.
Unsupported versions might sometimes work, trouble is that apart from the basic troubleshooting you performed there is not much to do.

Have a great week, hope you enjoy your plugins.