Cannot update to 14.12?


I’m currently on Waves Version 14.0.0
In the “My Products” page on the Waves site it says this is “the latest version”
But in the “System Requirements” page it says there should be a 14.12 version
I can’t seem to be able to update to this 14.12 version.
When I go to Waves Central under the “Updates available” it now only shows me that I can update WavesLicenseEngine from to

What am I missing?

Kind regards

Hi @melinakrumova,

V14 you see under my products reefer to the license version which is the most recent one.

V14.12 is the latest installer version, when you install any product from Waves Central it will install the latest V14.12 which is compatible with the V14 license you own.

If there are any updates to the licenses you own you will be able to see a Get the latest version indication under “My Products” on

If you do have pending updates in Waves Central, we advise to keep everything updated to the latest version when possible.

For more information or assistance if required I suggest you Contact Technical Support you will be able to get specific guidance from them or request them to perform the update for you if you prefer.