Waves Central 11 not exactly an improvement

This evening, I started up Waves Central 11 (updated to Waves V11 a little while ago), and was promptly informed that an update to the Waves Central app was available. The download started without my accepting it. I was informed the update would be installed upon restart of Waves Central. I restarted it, the install was done, and up came Waves Central 11.0.46. But here is the window I was presented with.

It appears that there are some plugin updates available, for products I have licensed, activated or installed, I suppose. I clicked that red “Updates Available” button at the top, and a panel on the right side of the window showed an item titled “Waves Updates”, and a big blue “Update” button. My questions is, UPDATE WHAT?! There is nothing here that tells me what is specifically going to be updated when I click that “Update” button. Out of everything that I have activated and installed, which are going to be updated? How do I find that out BEFORE I commit to the “Update” button?

HI @NothingLikeThe80s!

If the Updates Available button at the top of the screen appears, this means that there are free software updates available for your existing software version.

This will only update internal sub-versions, meaning, for example, a software update from V11.0.2 to V11.0.3, and not from V10 to V11.

  • Click the Updates Available button. All products for which updates are available will be selected and shown in the list on the right.
  • When you’re ready, click Update
  • All items in the products list for which updates are available will be selected and shown in the list on the right. Please note: Updating software is an all-or-nothing affair: select any product that’s ready for update, and all ‘update-ready’ products will be selected. You can review the list in the inspector on the right.
  • If any product’s license is activated but not installed, select it.
  • Click Update or Install and Update . All Waves products that are already on your computer will be installed. An update does not affect your license, only the software.

I hope this answers you questions and rests your worries.

Thank you. I believe I understand now. There is no granularity in the update information provided. If you are shown that “Waves Updates” are available, then clicking the “Update” button will simply install updates for EVERYTHING that has an update available. You do not get to choose what gets updated.

In the little side panel on the right, underneath Summary, there is an “I” next to the update. If you click on it there should be a pop up that should give you some idea of what is being updated.


When I select the info icon next to Waves Updates, it says WavesHeadTracker > I select OK and press the blue update button. After the “update” completes, Waves Central still says updates available. Same message about WavesHeadTracker, same numbers. No change after re-install, deleting cache, etc.

What else? Cubase 10.5 wont’s load any of my plugins!! :angry:

Hi @phast_geek,

I suggest contacting Tech support for the quickest resolution on this.


try these steps in the meantime: https://www.waves.com/support/how-to-find-your-plugins-in-cubase

i have the same problem with both of my computers; the update being always proposed is “Wavelib10 =>”

I always have the red “update availables” icon proposing me the update but after doing the update it’s still there; it still can use all my plugins though.

Hi there @xlr23.

This is a bug we are aware of and will be fixed very soon. Once the fix is available - when you launch Waves Central - it will update and include the fix.

Actually this bug has been fixed on our server side, without the need to update Central to a new version.


I believe that is a bug, I have come across a few users with the same issue, including myself.

It’s very unlikely it will remain a big for long. I noticed Waves’ Devs seem to get on top of glaring issues like that.

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My plugin’s also appeared in Cubase after applying an installation fix in Waves Central.
Cubase 10.5 is unusable at the moment though due to crashing issues with other plugins… back to version Cubase 10 - not a Waves issue.