Can't update - what am I missing?

So, for example. I have the SSL EV 2 Channel.

It’s v13.0.0

There’s an incremental update available [v13.2.1], according to the Waves site, but I can’t see it anywhere in Waves Central - it sure isn’t in ‘My Products’ and if I select the plugin and reinstall it just shows 13.0 again.

Where are the incremental updates hiding?

Hi @michael1,

also for me Waves Central shows v13.0.0 as latest version (for all of my v13 plugins, update plan valid).
So I wonder where on the Waves site do you see the available update ?

Its accessed via Central you got that right. There’s a little red tab that appears at the top when you have updates available. Click on that and it will select all the valid updates for you to then install.

The version numbers displayed in Central isn’t always accurate. Hopefully they’ll fix that.

Thanks to trying to help.

I recently updated Waves Central to the latest version and still the SSL EV2 and Retro Fi plugins – which both supposedly have updates with new features that I’m interested in seeing – are steadfastly sticking at 13.0.0 and there’s no way I can see of fixing that.

Kind of lame, on Waves’s part, honestly.

Hi @michael1

Did you update the license from the website at Get Latest Version?

If not I suggest updating the licenses to the latest, once done, update the plugins via Waves Central.

Hope this information will help.

Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for coming back to me –, just picking the SSL one as an example, that gives an end date of Nov 16, 2022. But it also thinks that everything is updated to its latest version, which is clearly wrong.

Are you comparing the version numbers with the number found in the actual plugin info window??