Waves Central no longer opens

Good day!
I opened Waves Central today and was told that a new version was available, so I downloaded it. Then came the message that Waves Central was restarting, but that didn’t happen. When I tried to open Waves Central itself, the message came up that the Waves.exe item referenced by the shortcut had been changed or moved and if I wanted to delete the shortcut. So I can’t open Waves Central anymore.

Can someone maybe help me here : (

Being a Mac user its a little hard for me to help out, but does Wave Central appear in your Programs folder at all. If so try running that. If that works then the problem would be the “shortcut”

I believe you can point the shortcut to where Central currently is, but you may have to find the windows Start menu folder to do it. You could also create a new shortcut and replace the old one. This is all assuming that Central is where it’s supposed to be and running correctly.

If not, you can try a reinstall…

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