Can I extend license before the time is full?

I have a question that if I have a license that ends in a year, can I extend it before the time is full? How?

Hi @urmas.punane,

Your perptual licenses will not end after a year, but the Waves Update Plan, unless renewed.
If you do not need to update your license to the latest version and it works with your current setup your licenses will keep working without any time limitation.

If you wish to extend your Waves Update plan you can check the next article.
You will also be notified by email before the Waves Update Plan coverage ends.

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Okay, thank you, is this the case with these plugins as well?
Abbey Road J37 Tape Abbey Road J37 Tape V14.0.0
Abbey Road Reverb Plates V14.0.0
L2 Ultramaximizer V14.0.0
MV2 V14.0.0
Renaissance Maxx V14.0.0
WNS Noise Suppressor V14.0.0

Hi @urmas.punane,

Yes, your licenses are perptual licenses and will keep on working as long as your setup supports the current version you own which is the latest one avilable.

Well, thank you for the response! My question was related to the fact that when I chose a free plugin that can be purchased, I mistakenly selected one plugin that I already have (WNS Noise Suppressor V14.0.0). My hope was that, as it is a very good plugin, I could extend its support. I wasn’t aware that, in reality, I obtained a different license instead. My idea was that I wanted extended support for it.
But I don’t mind that I’ve now become wiser. I thought that when the year is up, licenses lose their validity for use.

I am certainly interested in the development of Renaissance Maxx V14.0.0 as well because, in my opinion, it is an excellent and useful Bundle!!!

Thank you for your response and explanations!


You’re most welcome.

If you ever need any assistance in the future or require additional information prior to buying products or extending their Update plan you can Contact Technical Support and they will gladly assist.

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