Camelot Crash because of Waves Central

Hallo Folk,
this is my first Post so please be gentle with my English, Came from Germany :wink:

I’m Live Keyboardist and Play VST Plugin Sounds i.E. Waves Finger Bass, With Camelot Pro from audio modeling live.
I Use a Macbook 2020, X32 Rack, Akai mpk261 and Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2.

At the last Gig in June, my Setup crashed live all time, but in the rehearsal all is good.
I Installed after the Gig my Mac Book completely new and install all Plugins new within their Service Centers. So I Found out: I Changed my Waves Password on Homepage and in my Apple Key but not in the Waves Service center. So My Service Center tried to verify my Plugins with my old Password and Crashed the Whole Laptop and my Host Software Camelot. The Crashes we’re so hard, that I have to start my Laptop new and start the show from another Point. Some Songs doesn’t Work even with Newstart and some Songs work.

But what I don’t understand,
I used in this Live Situation no Plugin from Waves, but they were still in the VST Pool and we’re eventually Checked in the Startup Routine from Camelot Pro and Native Instruments.
I use Komplete Kontrol from NI to organize my Sounds and tweak them live, and I use Camelot Pro for organizing my Sounds into Scenes and Songs and Setlists.

Is it right that the Service Center can crush a System like that? I mean, it’s ok to check the owner of Plugins with Dongles or else, but I don’t think that a system crash is want to :slight_smile:

If Some have same Situation, or the Problem is known, please let me know.
Best wishes,

Hi @tomschirner

This issue can occur due to several reasons, therefore I suggest contacting our Tech Support team in order to further investigate the issue.

Have a nice day.