Headtracker crashes

Hi Waves,

I have a 2020 intel iMac 27” 3.6ghz / i9 with 128ram I use Monterey OSX and Logic Pro / Kontakt and Ni Komplete Kontrol when I use Komplete Kontrol to scan the plugins it crashes on Waves Headtracker and ScanApp with pages of code in Apple, I’ve contacted Waves but it’s a slow process with little joy. Just wondered if anyone has had similar problems and what the fix is, all software is up to date, I’ve trashed prefs etc and today did a complete uninstall and reinstall of all my V13/14 Waves plugins but again on scanning into Komplete Kontrol I get the crash reports come up. I’m at the stage whereby I’m going to have to throw Waves plugins away because some just crash the machine. What to do?

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I believe I have had similar issues. If I find problematic plugins that are prevent other plugins being scanned I quit that “ScanApp” and the process continues. Just don’t use the Headtracking app inside Kontrol… if it shows.

Thanks Simon much appreciated


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Hi @cyberfly,

It is also worth checking the Tech Support suggestions you got in the email to remove all Headtracker versions if there are numerous ones or create a new OS Admin account to rule out a local issue within the original account that might cause those crashes.

If all of those fail please update Tech Support so they can take this forward.

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Hi Adi,

I manually took out the Nx Headtracker /. Abbey Road 3 / and Nashville Nx programs (hopefully I got rid of everything, so that’s not crashing anymore, and a shame I will not be able to use it anymore, there’s not a lot support can do as they are busy so its better to mjust scrap the plugins and move on, in this case they just don’t work on my system and its stopping me from working. thanks for the advice

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