Waves plug-ins don't work after laptop crash & repair

My laptop recently crashed and has to be sent to repair to the Apple shop.
Mac OS had to be reinstalled from scratch from the Apple repair team, this was in this case MacOS Ventura 13.2.1
I reinstalled all my applications from a backup made before, but some Waves plug-ins don’t work anymore since then, although they are being described as “installed” in Waves Central.
All these which don’t work are V13 or less (V14 all work well).
Any suggestions what I can do now?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @666gerald666,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

Only V14, and V14.12 were qualified and tested to work on OS 13 so this might just be why it’s not working.

Updating your previous versions to V14 might do the trick, and if you ever run into issues on a supported setup (OS version, DAW versions, and licenses) you can always Contact Technical Support they will be more than happy to sort this for you.

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