C1: Please add the most basic missing feature...as with most plugs - Mix

Im not going to rant or do anything except keep asking for the same thing over and over
I have been using C1 since 98…yes it is a true workhorse and still good even now
The whole time I have been waiting for a mix/dry/wet knob!!!
Its upward compression is great especially because in split, you can solo the eg upper band and add it back subtly to grab some nice shadow details

Even if I use eg Studiorack, and want to do parallel compression using split/sideband, SR doesnt consider the latency introduced by look ahead so the compressed copy is now out of sync with the dry copy.

Please (1998)

…Please (2022)

Yes, this!!! I noticed that the other day whilst doing the same thing. Quite a problem!!

So crazy that a bread and butter unit never got it!
Along with a choice of filter type ie min phase and linear phase
Absolute min these days

Yes, absolutely… I’m not really concerned re the filters, as Lin Phase options, could further smear the latency values and reporting.

Sure but broken code is broken code whether it’s Lin phase or not…the host is nor getting the latency info although I’m about to give up…I just wanna make right brain music not spend anymore unpaid time for debug…just checking suppressor atm

Yeah, this “not reporting to the host correctly” has stung me big time, with some broadcast masters going out with a few ms of audio being delayed into where it’s not meant to be.
Thanks for bringing this up, as I was going out of my mind tying work out where the DAW latency was coming from.

Thats a downer
Seems it does it randomly with others too. I generally use qrange for linear phase filter jobs and it has delay issues too when used in studio rack

All the best with it!

Linear phase IQs always need to be used with caution, Easy to end up with pre-ring in the low end department.
I can see how latency would be difficult to calculate accurately in Linear phase scenarios.

They’ve added it to a few compressors already, I’m sure it’ll come the C1, it’s really just a matter of time.