F6 filter type options: current one doesnt null

I couldn’t really find a direct search for solutions etc
I love the F6 and so much about it…become 1st pos in channel strip
1 thing that is a real shame is that it doesnt null so I can’t use it for split bands etc

PLEASE add filter type options like natural/min phase/linear phase for especially the LP/HP although all the bands really need it; this would help it compete with FAB products which already have this.

I already own so many waves plugs so please dont suggest linear phase multi etc
I just want 1 plug i get to know really well and keeping using…

Cheers and apologies if this has already been addressed

Hi @Aurasphere,

Thanks for your input, I will forward your features request to the relevant personnel.

We appreciate your feedback.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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I haven’t found that be too much of a limitation with most “crossover type” plugins. The reason is that I tend to park the crossover points in a place where a little phase cancellation sounds good. Usually its in the pots that can do with a little bit of subtractive eq.

In the context F6 you just “split your bands” in the place where it sonically sounds good and works in your favour.

Thanks Simon
Hmm…a free product like QRange does it beautifully. Linear/min phase etc…Im just working around using that at the momnet.
Its such a good eq I encourage you to try it and possibly donate…the author deserves it…I really mean its GOOD