F6 filter type options: current one doesnt null

I couldn’t really find a direct search for solutions etc
I love the F6 and so much about it…become 1st pos in channel strip
1 thing that is a real shame is that it doesnt null so I can’t use it for split bands etc

PLEASE add filter type options like natural/min phase/linear phase for especially the LP/HP although all the bands really need it; this would help it compete with FAB products which already have this.

I already own so many waves plugs so please dont suggest linear phase multi etc
I just want 1 plug i get to know really well and keeping using…

Cheers and apologies if this has already been addressed

Hi @Aurasphere,

Thanks for your input, I will forward your features request to the relevant personnel.

We appreciate your feedback.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

I haven’t found that be too much of a limitation with most “crossover type” plugins. The reason is that I tend to park the crossover points in a place where a little phase cancellation sounds good. Usually its in the pots that can do with a little bit of subtractive eq.

In the context F6 you just “split your bands” in the place where it sonically sounds good and works in your favour.

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