F6 vs Q10 - Paring down

Hi All
I have had a long break and in the process of upgrading/system and plugs but I liked the F6 so much I grabbed one while I was waiting. One of the things I have learnt in every area is…simplify. Ater the last project…too many options just arent helpful me so Im paring down to the absolute essentials and learning them intimately…seriously pairing down with probably 5% of what I use to have in my plugin list.

I havent reinstalled q10 etc as yet…but so far, Im wondering whether I put it back in because

A. For the F6, a Q of 60 is quite sharp and I dont recall ever really using a Q of greater than 50 in the past
B. A Q of 0.4 could be wider but simply using 2 bands for fill is more than adequate imho and pares back the options
C. I dont recall ever really using more than prob 5 bands of eq…ever…otherwise I would deem the track trashed if it needed that much surgery…and the same for creative use (or layer 2 plugs for if really needed) just me

So my question is…in the above context, what can the q10 do that the F6 cant?

A linear phase choice for the filter type in the F6 would be amazing!

A comparison chart of all the plugs/category/types would be so helpful.

Any help greatly appreciated
Greeting from Sydney :slight_smile:

I was waiting for an answer too