Berzerk Distortion

Tried out the demo on Berzerk,its insane how only waves came with that idea of dynamic distortions option,i mean there were distortion plugin before but there were no plugin with dynamic options like berzerk :slight_smile:

Looking forward to try out the MDMX plugin as well

Cheers guys,keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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It has a few good design features you donโ€™t find too many places. The ability process mid or side is great, the choice of distortion character is another good feature. The Density, Feedback and Dynamic features also a good addition.

It may not be as fully featured as Trash or Dent, but in a way, thats itโ€™s advantage as itโ€™s more immediate and intuitive. You could spend half an hour dealing a sound in Trash, whereas this thing youโ€™ll be done in a few mins.

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quite the advantage in that case,saving half an hour and doing it in few minutes :smiley:

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Oh yeah, absolutely.

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