D-Clone / dynamic cloning

It would be even better if Waves could do a D-clone, that would actually capture dynamics
from an outboard compressor, all with it’s character: harmonic distortion, transients, eq curve
as it is, and maybe an option to have the picture of the harware inside the GUI that we had catured, and a notepad to insert the values we had set up on the hardware. We could use our 500 rack chains or outboard compressors and pres, multiple times ITB :smiley:
You could checkmate UAD-s ars in one move, get all the fans of hardware again by your side, and loose
all the mambo-jumbo plugins that u know already that, honestly, nobody uses. Possibly, look into a paid subscription, just like Slate and not a one time fee, so that way you could focus onto creating plugins that people actually need and request from you.

I am using the Q Clone Since about 15 years now. Still can’t let this go
My first capture was an old MCI Eq ( Think it was JH500 or something)
The midrange in that is still my fav. Actually my personal opinion is THD, harmonic saturation etc. of analog gear is a little overrated. This captures the filters without them but the filters themselves sound so good!!
would love an update but its radical as it is. For me at least :slight_smile:

While I don’t use this myself, if they were actually make the improvements as you suggest I think that would definitely make me a fan.

Being able to a add pic and/or text to archive preserve a copy of the settings that you captured would also be great idea in my opinion.

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