Waves Q-clone update to modern standards. Higher Quality

Hello everyone. I am a Q-clone power user and love the product. I have sampled for Q-clone packages and also Acustica Audio for a decade or more now. I love Q-clone’s ease of use. It is an amazing piece of software.
I propose a way forward for the product that can make it even more useful IMHO.

  1. Firstly - I suggest an HD version of Q-clone - maybe call it Q-clone HD or Q-clone Extreme for example. By that I mean one that has a sweep tone that may be twice or three times as long as the current version and with measurements going from 5 hz up to 50k at 96 khz sampling rate. Or even one that can operate at 192 khz sampling rate ( but that is a luxury as not all Waves plugins go there ). This version can be made with the proviso that buyers understand it takes a bit longer for the deconvolve to happen and that they need a make a trade off between accuracy and speed.

  2. Secondly - perhaps use AI to model any harmonics/distortion that any hardware may produce. A few products do this already ( Neural Amp Modeler Plugin and Proteus ) and maybe add it as module that can be turned on and off.

I can see this type of product becoming a class leader in modelling any hardware. The ability to Clone the tone and harmonics of any hardware or software plugin across many channels using one piece of kit would be unbeatable.


I suggested the same thing myself a while back. I think its about time Q-Clone gets revisited.

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I didn’t know you had made a suggestion but this would be extremely popular I suspect. I hope Waves are noting this down. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is an interesting idea. Something I think would be interesting is if a new, HD Q-Clone worked like IK Multimedia’s Tone X, where people could submit curves (maybe through Studioverse?) for others to use in their Q-Clones as well.

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Love the Studioverse idea.

So… skish3 hey?? How many skishes can there be on. here anyway!?! :upside_down_face: