Rock vocals with Bezerk

Hey ya Waves Users !Yesterday I tried the bezerk on Vocals !!
I was surprised to see the character it imparts!!
I did to use it on the insert but on a Aux ( like a reverb send ) .
That way I was able to send the same setting a Little bit to Drums, Guitars and Keyboards. to add a glue.
Will post my Settings soon. Yaaay ! This plugin is Bezerk!

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And I just used it on my drum mix bus to give the whole kit some grit. Spent quite a bit of time dialing it in, but there’s a lot of malleability in this thing. I was very pleased with the result. A worthy freebie, to be sure!


I have a project coming up that could do with a bit of “mangling”, even drums. It needs to edgy, gritty, and defiant. Berzerk will be definitely getting a thrashing

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@simon.a.billington - can we hear that thrashing?

Oh you can… eventually. I haven’t had enough of a chance to spend time on it lately.

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