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I’m a seasoned musician, not a sound engineer, but I have recorded for EMI in many pro studios over the years and have gained some knowledge on what’s happening in a studio. I’m from the analog era with tapes and cutting tapes, etc. However, I was able to ‘slide’ into the digital age fairly successfully, last but not least thanks to WAVES.

Nowadays I only record in my home and with the WAVES products I have, that has become more fun and better sounding. Lately I’ve added two of CLA’s plugins (Vocal & MixDown) and I’m sorry for not having purchased the entire bundle instead. For an amateur recordist it’s one of the best plugin bundles available.

Hi flwolf,

Welcome to the community, and what a beautiful first post!

Do let us in of some of your ‘crazier’ stories from the EMI Days (or current Home Studio Tales), as i’d personally love to hear more…

I hear lots of good things about the CLA plugins. I think it’s great that these Signature plugins are out there, empowering those who may not yet have enough experience to take on the more advanced plugins.

Although, I have to be honest the MixHub is my favourite CLA plugin. I also like the Manny series. It’s different to the others in its approach, probably more advanced in some ways, but they’re the kind of plugins I find more handy, generally.

But not everything is about more control. Simpler is faster, more efficient, it keeps those wheels greased and doesn’t get in the way of the flow of things. Sure it could probably more refined, but that kind of attention to detail is probably left to the mix down or some other better point in time.

There’s validity in every approach.

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