BB Tubes and Studio one 5

My Specs:
Windows 10 Pro 19044.2251
Studio One Win x64 (Built on Apr 1 2022)

I did purchase the BB Tubes license, installed and activated it via Waves Central. However it does not appear in the Effects in Studio One 5. I recently installed the magma lil tube v14 and this is being detected and works fine.

I have tried to uninstall the BB Tubes plugin a couple of times. It didnt help and Studio One 5 still doesnt detect it.

Any idea why that is?

Uncheck the options studio one plugins VST blocked plugins, restart may help, or delete the paths to the plugins restart and re-add the paths to the plugins.

Hi @ilir

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I suggest rescanning plugins in Studio One by following the instructions at the How to Find Your Plugins in Studio One page.

If you are using a Windows-based system with custom VST folders I suggest following the instructions at the How to Use Waves Plugins when Using a Custom VST Folder page.