BB Tubes did not load with Mercury V14.0.1

I see that BB Tubes is included with Mercury and I have update support until 8/2023, but when I look at my plugin list (Cubase Pro V12) there is no BB Tubes. I saw an update for Mercury to V14.0.1 so I gave that a try, but still no BB Tubes. Anyone else experiencing similar?

Hi, @Tony_ATX Welcome to the Waves Forum :wave:

To verify you are indeed on the latest Mercury version available go to >My account >My products and click on the Get Latest Version link (indicated in Green) to issue the latest version available.

In case you indeed have the latest version available, please make sure to search for Magma BB Tubes

Hope that helped. Have a great week.

Thanks. I will check when I get back to the studio next week, but I’m pretty sure that the latest version for Mercury is the one that I loaded from Waves Central. Will let you know next week. Thanks again.