Don’t see my new plug in

I have over a dozen Waves plug ins both effects and one instrument in Studio One. I started in Studio One version 3 and never had any issues with install or access. I upgraded a few months ago to S1 version 5 and still no problems, all Waves VST plug ins are visible in my DAW. Last night I purchased the Waves electric bass instrument and accessed, downloaded and registered it in Waves Central but it’s not visible in S1 v5 even though I see all the prior plug ins. Just for grins I opened the prior version of S1, version 3 and there it is, available and working. The VST file paths are the same in both daw versions. Any ideas? Thanks,


Further experimentation yields this:

A few months ago in S1 3 a dozen Waves effects plugins all working great, never had an issue.

Upgraded to S1 5 and all existing Waves plugins worked great

A month ago Added my first Waves VST instrument, Rhapsody piano, loaded into S1 5, works great

Added Bass Slapper VST instrument yesterday, does not show up in S1 5. Rhapsody piano is still there along with all Waves plugins except Bass Slapper

Opened S1 3, everything is there

Sent Waves licenses to the cloud, went to another computer where neither VST instrument has been installed. Installed Bass Slapper, transferred licenses, opened S1 5 and Bass Slapper is there.

Downloaded Rhapsody piano to this second computer, opened S1 5 and its not there

Opened S1 3 on this second computer and both instrument VST’s are there just like computer 1. The difference is that the VST instrument plug in that is not available is reversed in S1 5 between the two computers.


That is really odd. Do you think there’s been an update to the OS that may have incapacitated the bass plugin?? Has S1 somehow blacklisted it??