I imagine this topic has come up by many. Current Wave’s Activate licenses on one PC, and having to deactivate to access it from another PC, using a USB drive, or manually changing it is incredibly dated. I can totally understand that people who purchase a license should be verified. Furthermore, I understand that people should not use it simultaneously (at the same time) on another location (although many companies allow at least two PC accesses at the same time).

Having to drag a USB drive from one location to the next, or manually deactivate and reactivate is a huge headache. Often people forget the USB drive or, signing out of the PC in the studio they work with, and when they want to work at home, they have to go back to undo their mistake!!!

Waves is prestigious enough to forgo such an old technology, and adapt what companies like Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft Cloud, and thousands of companies have adopted. These companies monitor logins, and if they detect more than one (sometimes two or three) connections, the user gets a message saying “your account is being used elsewhere” and are given an option to login where they are. If the user logs in again, the other login drops. It’s that easy…!!! Or, Microsoft uses your smartphone to verify…

I have been using the Waves plugins for years. What I’m noticing is that hundreds of new companies are producing fantastic plugins that rival Waves. Sometimes much cheaper or free! Last thing Waves needs is losing clients because it’s dated. I’m not sure where your corporate office is, but if in the United States, you know companies that never imagined to collapse (Sears, J. C. Penny, Fry’s, etc.) all because they did not move with technology.

I hope this is the year that Waves quickly catches up with authentication process that is hassle free and intelligent. It’s over for Activate/Deactivate and USB drives (for now more than 10 or so years).


Sean Pirmoradi

Well they do offer a second license for those with a valid WUP, but it only works for as long as your WUP stays valid. Mind you, there are other perks as well that will make some people subscribe to it, but its not for everyone.