Question about activation

Hello I am purchasing some new plugins. I have a question about authorization. I have three computers and I need the plugins on all three, however the plugins will never be used on more than one computer at a time. What is the best way to go about this? Will the Cloud work in this situation, or should I put the licenses on my iLok and just move the iLok dongle from computer to computer as needed? Thanks.

Hi @roodillon,

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Activating the licenses on a USB flash drive will be the best option IMO, this will also be the fastest option when moving around between multiple computer.

You can also move your licenses between computers by deactivating them from Waves Central and then activate them from the computer you wish to work on, but this will require much more steps then simply having them on a USB flash drive connected to the computer.

Do note that we do not support iLok only a USB flash drive will work for license activations or your computer local HD.

You can read about both methods in the next article.

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Thank you very much. I will put them on a flash drive. Thanks again! R