Audio Networking Specifications SG Server extreme & DiGiCo SD Console

Hey Everyone.
We are running in our theatre Soundgrid (MAC Studio 2022 M2) with an Extreme X10 Server over DMI Waves at our SD12.

Our Network works over VLans (HPE 1950 series) without issues between Server, Host and Console. But we cannot remote control with our SD12.
We need to use VLANS and not an isolated preference Network because of the Console Remote control and so on.

My Questions are: what are the exact specifications of the server network? Which IP range he will use?
Did the server need Layer 2 or Layer 3??
Need Waves Server a Spanning tree?
Could I rearrange the IP range of the Server?
Is it possible to use tagged VLANS?

I hope anybody or the Support could help me here out.