Superrack / yamaha cl5 / midi

Hi everybody,
I m running a super rack V12 and a CL5 with 3x Y16V2 everything’s running fine except… the console remote control.
thanks to the midi controller I can select snapshot in super rack with the recall memory of the CL5
but in the console remote control, I select the vailable soundgrid port, it says that it’s “in SG network” and that’s all folks, no console id appears… My goal is to save memory in the console and snapshots in super rack at the time in only one action
Has someone ever experienced this and has a solution? or an idea?
thank U

Hi @brieuc.bourgeois77 , welcome to Waves community Forum. :slight_smile:

This issue can be related to a number of factors, I suggest getting in touch with our Tech Support team using this link, so they could look further into this.

Hope that helps

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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