Application SoundGrid Studio stopped unexpectedly

I have installed version SoundGrid Studio
In a Windows user who was named in Russian letters C:\Users(Russian letters), the program gave the following error “Application SoundGrid Studio stopped unexpectedly. Do you want to restart the application?”
In the event log this information, KERNELBASE.dll 0xe06d7363
The user named in English letters C:\Users(English letters) did not have such an error
Nice joke, developers!)
I didn’t really sleep for three days while I changed computers, reinstalled Windows and looked for the root of the problem
And hey, 1.5Gb ram is eaten by the program
Did you make it there on Chromium?)

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Hi @shevar0,

Welcome to Waves Forum, and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I’m glad you found the solution to this issue.

Our developers are aware of a few issues on our software caused by any non-English letters,
And I can assure you none of them consider it as a joke.

In any case, next time that our software keeps you up at night, and not for a good reason…
Please do not hesitate to contact our Tech Support team


I had the same problem with the latest SoundGrid Studio installer. I have a windows user that has ‘á’ character in it’s name. This was really the cause of the problem because all the redistributable files and system global variables are the same on both machines, only difference is that one has ‘á’ in it’s username it won’t load Studio but the other one runs perfectly that only uses unicode characters in it’s username. After some registry changing and replacing the ‘á’ character Studio runs instantly but you could imagine everything else crashes because I changed the name of the folder that has all the appdata and documments software files.

Could you please fix this problem? It is not a good solution that I have to reinstall windows every time I want to use SoundGrid studio on a computer that was once named with non-unicode characters.


I’ve been dealing with this problem for 3 days. I’ve been working on it 20hrs straight each day (9am-5am) and can’t get it to just open SGST so I can connect.
The difference though is that my user account has no foreign characters. It alternates capitals and lowercase letters but they’re all the typical English language ABC letters.
I thought it was the new Netgear GS308 unmanaged gigabit switch at first but connecting directly between the server and control-room PC made no difference. I thought maybe it was the cable so I used the cat8 the PC uses to connect to the switch (that I know is a good cable because the SSL Nucleus is connecting to the control-room PC just fine) but still no luck. I plugged a monitor in and took a picture of the screen to share with SG users and they confirmed that its showing what its supposed to be showing. So that cable is good, the switch is not the cause, and the server appears to be as it should be.
The fact that the software won’t even open (let alone connect) tells me that the issue is the SGST app itself conflicting with my computer.
I’ve given you guys thousands of dollars. If you check, you’ll see that I own ALL of your plugins. You think you could solve this issue? I have 5 projects now running past their deadlines because I need more processing power to mix and master. Really starting to think I should’ve just upgraded my CPU or went with an Audiogridder server instead of dealing with Soundgrid.

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