All Waves plugins disappeared after Update

I was prompted to install an update in Waves Central and i accepted. After the update, Reaper can no longer find my Plugins. Come On !!! Updates are supposed to make things better. This is really annoying. I don’t have time to re-install everything, especially since I don’t know if that will resolve anything. Very frustrating. This is a good reason to never do another update.

Okay, so i got my Waves plugins working again. Only lost one hour, but now my EZdrummer2 isn’t found. Please guys (& gals), “No More Updates”. Or, if you do have updates, how about providing all the steps necessary to get back to where we were so we don’t have to go crawling around the internet to find answers ? Also, i recently purchased RetroFi and i still can’t find where that is ? It’s a good thing that these Waves plugins are amazing, otherwise I would have given up.

I solved the Retro Fi issue. Reaper has a “Clear cache/re-scan” button and that solved it.

Hi @my2021waves, Glad to hear you were able to find the plug-ins in your DAW.

As a suggestion, you can always have a look at the How to Find Your Plugins in REAPER article and follow the steps.
In some cases, a rescan can be a lifesaver :innocent:

I hope this information can help in the future.

Waves wiped several of my vital VST’s for Mastering, Editing and, mixing my own projects.
I switch on my laptop after an update and what was 6 or 7 functioning, working VST were gone from my system.

I’m done with Waves’ immoral aggressive market bullying and sales tactics. I use L2, Kramer Master tape and GEQ.
I draw the line at Waves reaching into my Computer and erasing functioning VST’s from my rig that I purchased and installed.
I’m done with Waves. I will replace these VST’s with the best non-Waves alternatives and I will sit and watch your business go bankrupt with glee.

Sup upon my nipples.
(edited to clear up censored words)

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