Waves forgets I own all of my plugins when I buy a new waves plugin

Hi Wavers,
I’ve got this issue that comes up every time I purchase a new plugin - Waves central forgets I own any other ones that I have bought. For example, I bought the CLA signature series a few months ago, now that is all I can use.
I’ve solved this issue in the past by talking to waves support who apologised and sent me a command to put in terminal.
But now, since I apparently don’t own any of my plugins, I am not entitled to customer chat support, and no one from support will respond to my emails. So here I am.

Has this happened to anyone in the past and if so, how did you solve the problem?
And to waves staff… is anybody out there?

Hi @lizard105.

Waves does not forget you own plugins, if you look at the licenses section of Waves Central you will see them all there, wither activated to your computer, USB drive or in the license cloud.

If you seem to “lose” plugins after installing a new plugin, this may have to be because you have an older version running that is not compatible with your OS.

Waves website chat is available to all during activity hours and you can always contact support: https://www.waves.com/contact-us, they are extremely helpful.
You can also check this out: https://www.waves.com/support/missing-plugins-after-installation

This happens to me as well. I solved it by clearing my DAW plugin cache after each new install of a Waves plugin. The DAW will re-scan the plugin directories on startup and that will hopefully resolve the issue.

Or check how to rescan for plugins in any DAW:

If you’re using Logic or another Audio Unit host you can open the Plugin Manager, select the offending plugins and hit the Rescan button on the bottom left.

Adversely, in the Waves folder within your Applications folder there is an AUVal app you can also run to help remedy this.

For some reason. just re-scanning the plugin directories doesn’t seem to do the job. I have to clear the cache first. It’s not a big hassle, but it gave me a bit of a pause when it first happened.

This is not how it should work, please contact our tech support team when you can to sort this out.