All Waves Plugins crashing Reaper

I recently started having all of my Waves plugins start crashing and hanging Reaper. (last 2 weeks) I thought it might be my recent Reaper update, but I uninstalled and reinstalled Reaper at a lower rev. It started ok for a day or two and now they are hanging again. Here is what I am seeing.

  1. When I put a new instance of the plugin on a track, the window comes up but the UI never loads.
  2. If there is already an instance of the plugin in the project, it will open up.
  3. It locks immediately, so I cannot even turn off the UI.
  4. If I copy an existing instance to another track, I get the lockup.

I have waited up to an hour to see if the interface loads, but it causes a hang.

No other plugins that I own do this.

My first attempt would be to fully install and update Reaper, then re-install the Waves stuff - after installing the DAW.

Have you found a fix for this yet? My reaper has crashed also due to waves.
i have uninstalled reaper. even wiped my laptop, and re-installed operating system. thought it was a laptop issue.

re-installed reaper. works without other plugins loaded. but brainworxs bx_consol and waves schepps omni channel crash reaper.

using a venom blackbook zero 14’ laptop
with 16gb ram