Abbey Road Studio 3 headphones

There’s a pretty slim selection of headphones in the crop down that are calibrated to use. Is Waves ever going to add to this to include more headphones?

Hi @Bschreiber12 :slight_smile:

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First, note that both the NX plug-in and Abbey Road Studio 3 will work properly and provide an excellent 3D experience, with or without the exact headphones curve of your headset.

As we do wish to get those lists longer, which headset curve would you add?

I’m using a Sennheiser HD 599. Thanks.

Sennheiser HD800S. The HD800 is in there, but there is a difference between the two versions of the 800s

Thank you for the note. :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, I see that model. But mine is the 599. There’s a difference in the EQ response curves. I’d like to get the most accurate response curve I can; for me, that’s the main thing. The 3D effect is cool and all, but I think what’s equally, if not more, important is having an accurate tonal picture in the cans, so a mix can best be translated out into the world of multiple playback devices and listeners.

Yup. I was just piling on to the list of expanded HP curves (in addition to your request for HD599) for OmryWaves :nerd_face: