Questions about AbbeyRoadStudio3

This plugin support model like HD600/DT880/HD280pro,they have different version and sound, which version is this plugin support ? I want to get most accurate sound…
And will it support more model? It’s very useful for time not in studio !

Hi @974000977!

Let me point you to this topic: NX: More Headphones Please, where you can find answers and more information on this.


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It’s understandable that you want to be able to get the most accurate, flattest sound, it’s a good goal to have. However, true flat doesn’t really exist, well not on the studio budget anyway.

So even if you’re combination Abbey Road Studio 3 and a good set set of calibrated headphones isn’t ultimately super flat, you wouldn’t want them to be. The music will end up sounding so flat and uninspiring. It will be clinical and less expressive. Great for lab tests, not for creating art.

Even the most expensive studios like at Abbey Road have some “contour” to the sound. The space will have it’s tonality and the speakers with have theirs and they will compliment each other very well sonically. There will be no huge frequency build up any points, most importantly the music will sound exciting to listen to. It will motivate you to want to make music and thats a very important aspect to try to hold on to.

How the big studios like Abbey Road manage to get their mixes to translate is the same thing that everyone else does, they use multiple points of reference. That’s why they have multiple speaker sets and thats why they would most likely listen to the mix on their laptop and their phone or the car if you’re product of the 70s and 80s.

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