What headphone response target does Waves NX expect?

I have been using NX Abbey Road 3 for listening to music, I love the spacious sound, however I don’t own any of the headphones in the EQ options. I was wondering, does the plugin expect a diffuse field headphone by default? Or is NX using a different target? I know there’s a lot of curves out there… would like to know so I can EQ the output for my own headphones with more certainty.

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I can’t speak for Waves but I think their intention is for the NX series of plugins to work with any headphones. Obviously the better your headphones the better the results, but it would just make sense that they built the product to work with a broad spectrum of headphones.

The built in EQ curves are good if you like them. You can also use other headphone correction after NX if you want, or even your own EQ.

If you like Abbey Road Studio be sure to give Ocean Way and CLA NX a try, too. Those are my personal favorites of the NX series.

Thanks for the response! Might try those ocean way and CLA plugins.

I still don’t fully understand though.

I understand that most importantly, the plugin adds the impulse response of the speakers + control room + HRTF…

And with headphone EQ, after adding the room impulse response, it should theoretically (approximately) remove the LTI headphone impulse response after that… which the headphone obviously adds back in, resulting in a sort of bypass of the headphone (in an ideal world), and only giving you the room sound. Is my understanding correct?

I assume they measured the impulse response of Abbey Road studio and the headphone with the same D ummy head, or carefully considered anty mismatch while designing it.

Unfortunately I don’t have any of the headphones on the list. So I was wondering what the “None” option represents in terms of EQ. An “average” headphone of some sort? A diffuse field response? Or flat SPL?.. Or does it simply add the impulse response of the room as measured by their setup without any consideration of what the headphone is going to do on top of that?

Knowing this would help me know how I should EQ my headphones!

Does the headphone EQ feature even work the way I described it? I feel like that would make the most sense. Or was it maybe just an afterthought without much in-depth consideration?