What headphone response target does Waves NX expect?

I have been using NX Abbey Road 3 for listening to music, I love the spacious sound, however I don’t own any of the headphones in the EQ options. I was wondering, does the plugin expect a diffuse field headphone by default? Or is NX using a different target? I know there’s a lot of curves out there… would like to know so I can EQ the output for my own headphones with more certainty.

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I can’t speak for Waves but I think their intention is for the NX series of plugins to work with any headphones. Obviously the better your headphones the better the results, but it would just make sense that they built the product to work with a broad spectrum of headphones.

The built in EQ curves are good if you like them. You can also use other headphone correction after NX if you want, or even your own EQ.

If you like Abbey Road Studio be sure to give Ocean Way and CLA NX a try, too. Those are my personal favorites of the NX series.