A fun story about Waves OVox!

My wife is a professionally trained opera singer, and I have her sing backing vocals on my songs. One evening we were watching something on YouTube and that fun Waves ad for OVox popped up.

She looked over at me and said, “Why don’t you ever do anything FUN like that with MY voice?”

And I said… “I have OVox!!! Let’s do it!”

So I started up my DAW and put her on a mic — and it was just like in the commercial… Except even moreso. She started singing a single phrase repeatedly “Robot Voice!” — but she was so amused and excited about how OVox seemed to ‘play along with her’ as she sung that there was a chain reaction effect where she just got more and more excited and she was almost laughing hysterically as her voice wavered and got more and more intense, repeating “ROBOT VOICE!” with the amazing OVox backing melody playing along with her.

There was a feedback loop where the more she heard the music play along with her voice the more fun she had and the better she sounded even though it was a random two-word repetive song. It turned into an oddly emotional performance!!!

Unfortunately this was spontaneous and I didn’t record it, but I’ll never forget it.

How often is it that you see something really cool in a commercial and then you actually have an equally magical experience in real life?!

That’s what it was like for us the first time we used OVox! It’s so good!

On a side note, I’ve been using Vocal Bender in flat mode with automated pitch sometimes, to correct badly out of tune backing vocals or to repitch the melody of an already recorded phrase. It works well for that and automating that is surprisingly fast, in Reaper.

Combining OVox with Vocal Bender, Tune, and especially Tune Realtime — it’s a powerful vocal suite! Now we just need a Waves tool that syncs vocal timing across multiple layers of vocals!

PS. Try running other things besides vocals through OVox. The results can be inspiring and unexpected!

Man every so often you’re lucky to have these little "magical moments’ in music making. Spontaneous moments that can be quite rare, but when things work they just work. Any attempts to recreate it never sounds as good.

I guess that’s why they say “Always Be Recording”. I don’t as I always need some kind of warm up, concept development before hitting record, there are a lot who do though.

Good to hear you having some fun with your wife though.

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