Waves O Vox and Center

Hello People.
Enough has been said about O Vox and its capabilities :slightly_smiling_face:
However I tried something which really worked for me.
On a Vox group I placed the O Vox and made a cool preset ( Im sharing that preset with you guys :cowboy_hat_face: ) Let me know what you think.
After the Ovox I put the centre plugin to manipulate the Stereo image.
I tired the S1 imager but found the Center worked the best. Any other combinations or suggestions ?
Especially when you use the Arpeggiator a little widening sounds Sweet :slight_smile:
Here is the preset I modified
k.r.m.a. Vox Mutant.xps (29 Bytes)
There are some great presets available on the Waves website too
Shine on :sunglasses:


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