Big problem with OVOX

Hi there!

I’m about to buy some Waves products, among them OVOX. I like to multiply my own voice into a choir-like something, and I basically know how that works, but since it’s an awful lot of work I want to simplify the various steps. Since I also like the vocoder and talkbox stuff in OVOX, the idea was/is to use this software for the purpose described above. So, in order to check it out, I downloaded the demo version this morning. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work properly: strange unwanted sounds are coming in all the time; even with the mic turned down completely and absolutely no other sound sources on. What is that?!? It’s present right from the start; even before I’m doing anything

I tried Vocal Bender also, and no such problems occured… Anyone’s got an idea?
My DAW is Studio One, by the way.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @versteylen and Welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

The artifacts you are describing may have various sources, starting with the cables in use, the electrical circuits etc.

I advise contacting our Tech Support department. They will be more than happy to assist you with further investigating this issue and getting you up and running.

Hi Gurik,
thanks for the reply.

The artifacts you are describing may have various sources, starting with the cables in use, the electrical circuits etc.

Nah, it totally can’t be that - I do not experience such problems with any other plugin, including Waves’ own “Vocal Bender”.
Is OVOX known as CPU-hungry? Because only after my posting above, I noticed a ridiculously high CPU utilization… Again: only with OVOX; no such CPU problems with any other plugin whatsoever; never!
So, I guess, OVOX just isn’t for me… Glad I checked it out before buying it.

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Hi @versteylen ,

Ovox can indeed be CPU demanding, depending on your system spec’s.
I would still advise contacting our Tech Support. They would be able to investigate this case on a deeper level and provide you with the most concrete information.


It’s possible that with a sensitivity any “hard tuning” settings that the algorithm might be trying to overzealously process the noisefloor passing through. Or it could be any ambient noises in the neighbourhood.

Play with the sensitivity setting and see if you can get it to disappear. If you need to reset your trial @Gurik or someone else here might be able to set you up or maybe you can plead your case with Tech Support.

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Ya it’s CPU heavy. You can try increasing your buffer size. That can eliminate some pops. The other thing you can do is put a gate right before ovox in the chain.

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There is a gate built into Ovox, but an independent get will give you more control and often something in the way of a visual aid which can help when setting the right threshold

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