Removing splashy extra arpeggiations with Ovox

I’m fairly new to Ovox and audio engineering (beyond the basics) in general. I’m using Pro Tools and am working on a science fiction podcast. In a number of sections, I’m using the Hip Hop Pack > Vocoder > Sequenced Rap preset (using a Chromatic scale, though this seems to happen regardless of which scale I try). My problem is that I’m getting these momentary splashes of arpeggiation that are too disruptive. I’m trying to figure out whether there’s a setting I can tweak or an additional processing step I can add to get rid of those extra noises. I’ve tried a bunch of approaches and haven’t found a solution so far. Any suggestions?

If you’d like to hear the before and after for this effect, they’re available at ScentOfGravity dot com slash tempshare slash time_process_dry.mp3 and ScentOfGravity dot com slash tempshare slash time_process_wet.mp3 .

It’s possible the Gate parameter in the top left might help you out. If the Note Mapper in the top centre is on try turning it off, this may not work out favourably, though. Also try turning down the Correction parameter in the middle panel, above the Voice control, that might help too.

Give those ideas a go, see if you can get a more desirable sound out of it.

@simon.a.billington , thank you very much for these suggestions! I wasn’t able to get rid of the extra arpeggiations with these settings, but it was educational for me to see them and hear a bit of what they do, and I really appreciate the guidance.

Waves tech support was very helpful and recommended I try showing the more detailed information by clicking the icon with the two rounded rectangles underneath the “Save” button, then turning down the levels for M1-M4 under the SEQ tab. This pretty much did the trick!

All of this just goes to show how much I still have to learn.

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Ah!! Yeah. Didn’t think of that one. I just learned something from you. :wink: