32 bit computer question

Hello: I am new to wave plugins and have been using universal audio for years. I hear the wave L1 limiter is great but I see the ones for sale are 64 bit. Is there anyway I can buy a 32 bit? Thanks. Walter

Waves no longer make 32-bit plugins, I don’t know a developer who does these days.

Having said that any plugin you by now also gives you the right to run earlier versions. So a new V14 license for L1 will also work for an earlier 32-bit version. Try checking this out…


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Thank you for responding. I run windows 7 on a PC 32 bit computer. I am not a waves user so this will be my first purchase. Sounds like this will work?

Licensewise this should work. But I would definitely try to install the plugins first (this works w/o a license) if you get through the process and see them in your DAW. Then I would try a demo license.

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Hi, @waltertore,

It should indeed work if you activate your Waves licenses on a USB flash drive from a supported computer that is able to run Waves Central, then install Waves V9.3.

As mentioned in this thread by others if you are not sure Waves will work on your system you can always demo a product before spending any money.

Also, note that our beloved Tech team is available 21 hours during midweek to assist with any question or technical issue. :muscle:

Have a great day ahead.

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Thanks for all your comments. I decided to buy a new computer and get with todays technology.