3 instances of Mixhub maxxed out my new Ryzen 3600 processor

Please explain.

Hi @crx978 and welcome to the forum!

Waves have tested, qualified and officially support these processors: Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon / AMD Quad-Core, as stated here.

For this reason we cannot guarantee our software will work as expected with all new processors in the market. I will pass this info to our QA department.

Have you tried this on a blank new session as well? other sample rates?

Well I have far less ram and processing power and can run 4 of them while local recording/streaming in OBS. I do this in Ableton Live 10 (not my favorite version of that DAW). I haven’t used Cubase in decades but it might be the DAW itself? Does it support multi-core performance. Also, Ryzen (AMD) processors get out performed by many of the Intel processors. On paper stats say the Ryzen processors are “better” but there are a few video on YouTube that show otherwise.

Also, try closing the other instances of Mixhub. That might help plus you only need one open to utilize the bucket system.

The Ryzens are still the new kinds on the block, relatively speaking. They have huge potential. It costs quite a lot of money to develop for a new chip, however. As adoption rate for audio grows, developers will be more likely to get on board and start supporting it officially.

Computers are coming with powerful CPUs these days, additional maths processors, graphic cards, I seriously want them to up the ante and start including kick-as$ DSPs for audio.

That would be really awesome indeed.

I found a simple explanation for this problem. Mixhub is not supposed to run more than one instance per channel, I guess this makes it conflict with itself when trying to control a channel in a bucket mode. I was testing my system performance by stacking them in a single channel. That was my mistake.

Running them in singular instances per channel gives a normal, expected load.

Case closed.


Ahh yes. If Cubase is anything like Logic a channel strip runs on a single thread. So it would be easy to hit the ceiling by stacking on a single strip.

Either way, it’s good you ended up getting it sorted.