Zero-Latency Convolution Reverb with IR1's Manipulation Features

It would be really cool if Waves could make a modern convolution reverb with zero latency that inherits all of IR1’s cool manipulation features and adds a more modern UI.

IR1 is showing its age, and it sounds more muffled than other convolution reverbs, too.
Yet IR1 still has cool IR manipulation features that other convolution reverb plugins are lacking. A new plugin that adds a slick UI, zero latency and a crisper sound would be the greatest convolution reverb plugin on the market!

I couldn’t determine whether the reverb computation in IR-Live is already zero-latency, but if it is, then the new product would essentially be just a mashup of IR1 and IR-Live with an updated interface.

Please consider it, Waves. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one interested in this. HOFA IQ Reverb is your biggest contender. With competitive pricing, it would be a no-brainer.

Hi @djain

IR1 and all it’s components and counterparts are zero latency:

IR-Live has a slick modern GUI, albeit fewer controls than IR-1.

Thanks for the suggestions though - we are listening :slight_smile:

@Yishai-Waves, IR1 does have latency. It just doesn’t declare that latency to the host, because the dry signal is passed through directly. The reverb signal does have relevant latency, and you can clearly hear that.

From the manual: " The IR-series does not declare any inherent latency. The reason for this is that the Dry path goes to the output without any actual latency. The process, however, does have some latency: 11.6 ms at 44.1 to 48k Hz and 5.3 ms at 88.2 to 96kHz."

Effectively, this means that IR1’s reverb has a pre-delay that cannot be turned off. I’m at 44.1, and 11.6 ms isn’t close to 0.

Hey @djain,

Thanks for the clarification, I understand.
IR-Live indeed includes the same process latency as IR-1.
The is a possibility we will release a zero latency IR process in the future, but at the moment there is no ETA.

Thanks, @Yishai-Waves, just wanted to put it on your radar. If it ever comes out, I’ll most certainly buy it.

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Oh the IR1 can do with a UI update. I’m not just talking about the visual aesthetics, though, the IR menu system is a bit convoluted and ridiculous to navigate. It really needs to be simplified.

We could do with some new convolutions too. More spaces to add to the arsenal. Especially spaces that might be handy for post-production work. Everything from sound stages, to broom closets.

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