How to decrease CPU consumption under IR1

In order o decrease CPU consumption in high sample rates :slight_smile:

  1. Load the efficient component that has less convolutions then the IR1 full.
  2. On the upper Left side hit the button Full CPU and set it to low CPU.
    3.after Loading a preset , see what is the convolution length under Convolution/current and set the CNV. Length to the same Value.


Awesome Tip @Ronen! Thanks, keep 'em coming!

Of course the other way is to have the magnificent DLS, IOS or IOX operating and drop the IR1 into a DSP Studio Rack plug in and enjoy absolutely no CPU usage in the process :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this tip, Ronen :+1:
All the best.

Nice tip bro. I was comparing the full and the efficient recently, I was trying to hear the difference between the two.

It wasn’t a thorough test, so the jury is still out in my case. But what do you feel is the “audible” difference.

If you wanted to ‘scientifically’ check the difference:

  1. set up a session with audio track/s and IR1 Full reverb on an auxiliary
  2. Install sends to reverb on the audio tracks
  3. Mute the channel output and put the send to reverb on pre-fade so that you only hear reverb
  4. Bounce the output of the reverb to a stereo audio track
  5. Uninstantiate the IR1 Full and place a Light there instead
  6. Repeat the process above so you have 2 audio files, one with the output from the Light and the other with audio from the Full
  7. Reverse polarity on one and the other should ‘null’ if there is no difference in the sound.

Doing this will give you an idea of what changes occur. Mind you, having said that, science is one thing and ears are another :slight_smile:

By the way, muting the channel output and pre-fading the send also gives you a totally clear idea of how the reverb sends on its own and allows much more precise setting of the variables on the reverb to give you the richest and cleanest sound possible.

That got me worried… so i opened Pro tools and WavesV10 in 44.1Khz 24 bit session.

1.Create one track with Pink Noise, duplicate it and create master track.
2. Instantiate 2 Avid time adjuster plug in on each track on the 2nd plug in slot and flip phase.
3.Check Master pek indicator - Null.
4.Instantiate IR1 full on both track

  • you get NULL on the master
    5.Replace the IR1 full with IR1 efficient ( not hot switch…) c and watch the master - cancellation Breaks meaning the IR1 full sound is different then the IR1 efficient.

Here is a screen capture.


Was it a big difference or subtle??

In the screen shot you can see the level they brake -8db…
Huge difference :wink:

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Damn I was kind of hoping it would be more subtle than that