IR1 scoring stages?

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I have had IR1 for ages, but have been using Altiverb for its scoring stage stuff (the Fox stage is terrific). Anyone else using IR1 for creating scoring stage ambience for virtual orchestra, and what are you using?

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From time to time. I’ll also use Logic’s Space Designer.

I like to use two IR’s, one to describe the overall ambience and “width” of a space, the other to describe the “depth”. The latter one is also panned more narrowly, not mono, but does in a sense do a similar thing to what mono reverbs do.

The principle is that any sound coming at you from a distance will seem like its coming from one direction which is in essence mono-like. The closer something is the more you’ll be hearing reflections from objects in your immediate surroundings, so it gets wider. I’ll basically use these two reverbs in tandem to build up a sense of a sound stage and I’m able to place things closer of further away depending on the balance of the two.

As for the IRs themselves, if I want something to sound like its done on a scoring stage or in a recording studio I’ll choose those type of IRs, obviously, but not necessarily from the same “studio”. I like to mix and match if I think it will compliment the music better. Although, considering IR1 it often does come with several mic positions. The “omni” positions are often useful to choose as a width reverb, with a more distant one good for depth. But there is no hard and fast rules.

Then I might use a delay to describe the early reflections, that’s useful to bring in if you want to describe something as even closer. Again the idea here is that we here a more distant sound as mostly reverb, its already bounced off many surfaces by the time we hear it. There are no discrete early echoes as you would get from closer sources, just before the rest of the reverb til comes flooding in. The direct sound would also be louder. Distant objects have a much quieter direct sound.

Sorry, I know this doesn’t quite answer your question, but hopefully it’s helped you in other ways. :thinking:


As a general note, adding that there are over 100 spaces and devices we’ve captured.
I’m positive some of them would fit for scoring stage ambiance follow these steps to install the library.

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There is quite a few choice selections in IR-1. However, I have to admit that the menu system in that’s plugin is less than ideal. It would be nice to see it upgraded with a simpler navigating system. :thinking:

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