Using IR1 Impulse responses in 3rd party software? PLEASE

Hi there!
I am currently designing sound for a video game in FMOD, which has it’s own impulse response reverb.
I would love to use IR1 inside FMOD, but of course that is impossible.
However, I would REALLY like to take your impulse responses from IR1 and load them into the reverb in FMOD.
Is this possible? PLEASE?
I tried looking in the waves folders but couldn’t find .wav files, or any audio files that I can drag into FMOD.
Please help.

Thank you!


Now that would be nice, or perhaps a plugin/module designed to work in FMOD.

Personally, though, I think they can do with I new version of the IR1 as I find the UI and the menu on the old version quite terrible to work with.