IR1 - Longer Reverb times

Hey Waves,

I noticed that IR1 is still limited to a maximum reverb time of 6 seconds. I can totally understand the limitation, because IR1 was released in 2005 and convolution reverb was cutting edge technology back then. But 15 years later things look a bit different.

So here’s the deal: you add another 6 seconds of decay time to IR1 and I’ll capture & share a full set of IRs from my rare Ursa Major Stargate 323 :… Of course if you want to come over and create a fully modeled plugin from my unit I won’t say no either :smiley:

And dare anybody telling me that “nobody uses more than 6 seconds of decay anyway” because H-Reverb has a dedicated component exactly for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey Krabbencutter,

Thanks for your interest.

Sound like a nice idea and it indeed makes sense in a lot of aspects. I believe this would be is more effective as a suggestion for a new IR plug-in rather than a new feature request for IR1.
You’re welcome to leave this request in Comments & Suggestions from this link

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Odel,

I was mostly joking about having a plugin for my Ursa Major Reverb :smiley:
But I don’t see why ‘longer reverb times’ should be a completely new IR plugin. The IR series of plugins is still very capable imho and IR-L is included in nearly every popular bundle. No need to reinvent the wheel from my point of view. :wink:

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Man I want a better UI!!

Specifically, getting rid of all those freakin’ menus we have to navigate. Man the UX guy must have seriously been wasted that day!! :rofl:

More spaces would be nice too.