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I was an early adopter of the first ‘generic’ NX plugin and use it with my Sennheiser HD600s, for which NX has a specific EQ curve. I got very good results, a massive improvement on any previous headphone mixes (and I’m sure we all know just how bad those can be!)

Since then I also got the ‘Nashville’ studio room version and have been giving that some solid use for a couple of months. Good results also, but I am wondering now if the Nashville iteration is a touch ‘flattering’ and will go back to the original generic NX to make some comparison mixes. I have a feeling the original NX does a better job of the basic objective - achieving, on headphones, mixes that are ‘out of the box’ acceptable on speakers with minimal tweaking needed… even (am I really saying this!?) no tweaking at all.

Now there is a new ‘CLA’ room iteration to consider - at the moment I am not going to get another version of NX but I did wonder, and hence this post, if any others might have some views on the subject. I will go back to the original NX, do some mixes and post my view on the comparisons. All comments welcome!

Thanks - Nigel.

I’m a big fan of the NX series, but what’s blowing my mind about CLA NX is they seem to have fixed the “drift” issue. I hardly ever have to click “calibrate” anymore.

Are you using head tracking with NX? It’s not just a gimmick! It goes a LONG way to reducing ear fatigue because it’s varies up what goes to your ear. For example, if you turn your head to look out the window, one ear gets a break. But also subtle differences.

While it might sound like it would be confusing on paper, in reality it’s not and you instinctively “understand” the changes without feeling like they’re wrong. It just feels more like you’re in a room. It’s amazing.

I have all the other NX plugins but I haven’t tried them to see if the head tracking improvement is specific to CLA NX or if it is improved globally.

Prior to CLA NX, Ocean Way was my favorite of the bunch. Now CLA NX is, with Ocean Way being a close 2nd.

I love the “Boombox” addition to CLA NX. It reminds me of my Avantone Mixcubes.

All in all this is my favorite of the bunch, but to your point I think it’s useful to test your mixes in the other “rooms” as well.

I find NX most useful during composition, especially, when using headphones. It reminds me to not “fill up all the space” and leave room in the music which is important. A lot of headphone mixers tend to add too much and then it just sounds cloudy or muddy through a speaker. NX prevents that!

PS. If you haven’t tried the head tracker yet, I think the webcam is easiest to use and most reliable. I have the tracker, too, but it’s a little fiddly sometimes to get connected… The webcam ALWAYS works and seems to require the least amount of hitting the calibrate button.

Hi Sam - yes indeed agree with everything. And yes I use the head tracker and find same as you; after you get over the novelty and stop moving your head around like a 1960s ‘groover’ the subtle yet important effect really helps in so many ways. I use the cam and bluetooth together much of the time cuz I prefer lower lighting and the cam on it’s own struggles sometimes with that.
I probably will get the CLA at some point (when it’s on offer at 29.99) but maybe not quite yet - although I know the value of different listening environments I also like to get each one ‘solid’ in my audio referencing head, if you know what I mean. After a lifetime of having to try mixes out in half a dozen environments (the big studio speakers, the small studio speakers, the car, the front room stereo, the boombox… and on and on…!) I’m getting it narrowed down a bit at long last :slightly_smiling_face:

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