Waves update plan

Hi Waves team,

I have a request, please make minor updates, ie security patches or making plugins purchased compatible with operating system updates by Mac or Windows, for free. I am a big fan of Waves, I own numerous plugins, and I was planning on buying many more, but I haven’t bought any in a while, and have vowed to never again buy from Waves, so long as we are charged to update our plugins once the coverage plan expires.

I understand you guys offer vip customer support and new features to the plugins when released, and you’ll should definitely charge for these extra services. But for customers like me that don’t want to spend money on extra features or revamped versions of our purchased plugins, and only want our plugins purchased to be compatible with operating system upgrades by Apple or Windows for example, well this should be free.

I don’t think that this is a major request. Numerous companies such as Plugin Alliance and Fabfilter don’t charge us to do MINOR updates to our purchased plugins. Minor updates such as security patches or compatibility with new operating systems. The same can be said of companies such as Apple or Samsung, they don’t charge for system updates.

Anyway, I really hope you take my feedback as from someone that is a fan. I appreciate you helping me with updating my J37 plugin when you didn’t have to.

We do this for minor updates all the time, hot-fixes are released many times a year for free, within the same primary version.
Most new OS’s that are release do not require a major update on our side and (no need for WUP to go from OS 10.11 to 10.12 to 10.13 to 10.14 )
But sometimes OS updates require major updates from developers side, like 10.15…
Qualifying a new version for a such new OS infrastructure is not a minor update at all and requires a lot of resources. Hence the requirement for WUP coverage to update.

If a plugin was bought within a year before this need- you are covered and can update for free.

Waves Central generally provides us with several years of free updates, but no one can keep doing that indefinitely. Even other developers charge you for your updates eventually, usually at around $50-150 or more in the case of something like Ozone or RX!!

True you get more features with those type of updates, but you pay a lot more for it. Whereas, Waves general approach to new features, at least in my opinion, is to create a new plugin and put it on sale for $30.

So when you look at it another way, WUP for a single plugin, plus $30 for a new one is still a much better value than a lot of the upgrade prices you pay for other plugins.