Waves tune scanning issue - why does it scan empty audio sections?

Having issues with Waves Tune. Why does it scan empty sections of audio? This makes it really difficult to get the thing to rescan these sections when audio is later inserted. The UI has a “clear selection” button, but that only works if you have something to select in the first place. If you have let Tune scan empty sections then there’s nothing to select.

This issue could be sorted by either 1. not scanning empty audio or 2. Allowing clearing the scanned audio between the markers.

Am I missing something silly and obvious here?


Actually the issue could be better solved by implementing ARA so it can talk more directly with the DAW, providing your DAW supports it as Logic does. A scalable UI wouldn’t go astray either. :thinking:

Hi @stuartbeattie :slight_smile: Welcome to Waves forum.
Basically, Tune scans only when it recognizes audio content, meaning that real empty sections in the audio file are not scanned.
To avoid confusion, we suggest scanning an entire vocal channel before editing in Tune as it may raise confusion when scanning a section of a song, working on corrections, and then scanning new sections. (Tune automatically switches into Scan mode when playing un-scanned regions)
It would also be good to “chop” the vocal so there are audio religions only when the singer actually sings.
@simon.a.billington - Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: You’re welcome to share your feature requests here.

Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for the advice on using tune at the end of recording rather in sections.

The main issue is that waves tune continues to scan on playback even after an audio event (Cubase) ends. So it isn’t entirely true to say that tune doesn’t scan empty regions, it does if you leave it scanning past the end of an audio event.

Anyway, I just wanted to voice that the experience of using this plugin I think could be improved. It sounds great so it’s a shame the workflow isn’t as good as it could be.


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Then there is WavesTune of course.

It can do with a resizable UI work over especially in a world where screen sizes and dpi vary radically.

Then there is ARA integration. It would just be nice to be able to do some last minute edits and arrangements without screwing over Tune’s “scan” and having to completely redo things you’ve already done

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