"It would be really cool if Waves..."

Thanks for fixing Point 5 in my above list in the latest LV1 V11 update. Hope to see the rest real soon!!

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Thank you!
I believe we’ve also addressed point no. 1 :slight_smile:
Anyway, all your suggestions have been forwarded.

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Hi Odel,

I was meaning more User Assignable Keys than the 8 we can currently use alongside the 8 mute groups.
16+ would be amazing! Currently using F1-F8, so adding F9-F12 should be relatively simple to code.
Let me know if this feature has been added and I’m just not on the correct screen.
I’m running LV1 V11.0.65

Thanks for forwarding all the suggestions either way!

Hi @DanBamberAudio :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for the clarification. I thought you were referring to to the added functions for the user-assignable keys – Clear SOLO, Alt, Ctrl, Keyboard, Toggle Mixer Layer Modes
Anyways, confirming that all your requests have been submitted.

Cheers & thanks again

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is there anything about a gui redesign for the mastering bundle also spectrum analyzer for multi band compressors like c4, c6 and limb ??

Absolutely. In fact, it would be great if it offered a way for third part instruments o easily do the same. VEP could do with some decent competition. That’s what encourages progress.

Not currently in the works @jamssaint - I will pass this on as a feature suggestion.


you gotta show the mastering bundle some love it’s been more than 10 years since you guys haven’t updated it, the spectrum analyzer and gui are what’s keeping people from using it when i want to master i instead reach for izotope ozone instead but would be cool if you guys gave it some attention.

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I’m with @jamssaint on this one. Just think of all the ways you could improve it so that it could go head to head with the likes of Ozone or T-Racks.

Man you could always follow the Abbey Road TG Mastering Suite idea and create a modern mastering chain loosely based on that, but with components that can be used individually within the Host. In fact, you may want to include some of the TG for some alternative “color” :thinking:

yeah true but not all people will choose to color their clients masters sometime you need the transparent tool to fix some problems surgically in fact their the only plugin that have never been updated and they’re almost 10 years old and no changes has been made to them i bought it would be simple since they updated the old one’s with a spectrum analyzer but seems like a timing problems.

Oh yeah transparent is more necessary than color. It’s just nice to have several option available for when you need it. Generally, mastering should only be minor changes anyway. Anything more than that would ideally require a mix revisit.

it would be awesome if there is a way to mark Plugins as Favorite.
And shown up as “Favorite” in LV1/Studio/… in the list where you choose the Plugins.


I am LOVING the ability to use select plugins on my iPad and iPhone through the Cubasis app. I would LOVE to see some additional plugins added to our tool box such as…

  1. Noise reduction such as the NS 1
  2. a transient designer
  3. Tape emulation
  4. Console emulation

Great job to all at Waves for making tools that I love best! I use them on every mix!

Scalable GUI. High DPI graphics. A ton of folks are going to large 4k displays.


It would be insanely cool for waves to make a Hardware Daw Controller for the SSL EQ and Dynamics / CLA Mixhub interface for a physical experience. :wink:

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Really loving everything Waves has going on. I think it would be sweet if Waves created a Hibrid Chorus Modulation plugin, with a way to control Highs & Lows. Depth and speed controls. Something sort of over the top, where we could select up to 8, 10, or even 12 voices? maybe even a button to A/B stuff? What would be really cool is if there was a screen so we could have some visualization of the voices, and a way to tweak them, a way to modulate the modulation. Oh… and to top all of it off, it could have its own stereo widener, in increasing amounts via switches, or knobs. And why not with a Meter too? Thanks for listening! :smiley:

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Crossfade for recall between scenes. Coming from an Avid workflow, this is a big part of live shows for us. It’s honestly the one piece that makes me hesitate deploying LV1 in a wider environment since smooth scene transitions play a huge role in our live shows. Honestly just starting with fader crossfades would suffice, other parameters could be added in the future.


I agree completely. This is the only true negative of the LV1 workflow that I’ve encountered so far since coming over from Avid. We definitely need scene crossfades at least on faders!

It would be really cool if Studio Rack’s macro knobs could follow a linear OR logarithmic curve. The need for this becomes clear if you add wet/dry functionality to a compressor via a parallel split. If you assign a macro to inversely correlate the wet/dry levels, the middle area of the macro knob will result in a very low volume, really limiting the effectiveness of this workflow. A logarithmic curve would eliminate the mid-knob volume drop.

More comparison presets than just A/B preferably. It’s not always useful, especially if you’re doing something simple, but for more complicated tasks and plugins it can be quite useful.

A way to automate between the states would be awesome too. It can simplify things immensely.

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